Miki & Sonja

About Miki & Sonja

Miki asked Sonja to “model for his assignment” when attending Brooks Institute of Photography (likely the worst pick up line ever, but it worked!)  We have been creating art, traveling the world, and building our family together for over 15 years.

As one of Los Angeles’ original husband and wife photography teams, we know how important it is to capture both male and female perspectives. While each image details a specific moment, it’s the collection of moments that tells your story with a fullness we achieve together.

Home is in Studio City with our two imaginative, compassionate, sparkly and rambunctious children. We love to travel and call Santa Barbara and Mammoth our homes away from home.


What Miki Says About Sonja

Creative expression in every medium is Sonja’s passion. She might read historical novels set in the Middle Ages at the local artisanal coffee house before finding inner peace in her yoga practice.  With our daughter, you’ll find her designing and sewing the latest fashion creation.  And, with our son, you’ll find her digging in the dirt of the garden hunting for interesting bugs. When it’s time to be with me, it’s usually in the kitchen searching for the latest and greatest recipes that we can make together.

I could not imagine my life’s work without Sonja beside me. Photographing weddings full of wonderful moments between loving couples, great details, high energy is a joy; capturing all of this while working together is a blessing.


What Sonja Says About Miki

Miki’s hobbies are insane. He has a massive collection of guitars, which he plays late into the night.  He has a profound respect for nature and anything related to fly fishing. He has an awesome backhand on the tennis court.  And he loves film, which is why his state-of-the-art darkroom is always set up and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Miki is a natural collaborator. He has fought the “dark forces” alongside our son with light sabers in the backyard, constructed impressive school projects with our daughter, and brainstormed with me our next big adventure.

I love our wedding photography partnership. I cannot think of doing anything different.  The uniqueness of every event provides continual creative inspiration and the opportunity to work with Miki makes it a dream job!


Our Style

Miki is drawn to products and people and what makes them interesting, while Sonja loves editorial storytelling and capturing the emotion in one ‘click’.  Our unique individual styles blend together seamlessly!  We have seen many trends come and go, and have transcended them by revealing romance, beauty, emotion and connection throughout the photography experience. These elements are the heart of a wedding, and never go out of style. We balance modern with elegance and timelessness in all we photograph, and combine the beautiful details with the spontaneous moments into our signature style.



We are not just wedding photographers. We are photographers who love weddings. We view the world around us through the shades of light and color, natural compositions, and human interactions. Your wedding is your artistic expression and our inspiration. We are the artists to capture it into visual memories.



We love film: the look when the lighting is just so, the softness of the tone, the creative expression. Even with our love for film, we appreciate the versatility and speed of digital. We know how to maximize each medium and to emulate a film look with digital technology. With this knowledge, we are able to deliver a continuity of artistry and professionalism with all our images.


Our Clients’ Experience

Our couples are sophisticated with a love for adventure. They enjoy the beauty and vivaciousness of living in the moment. They also trust our artistic expertise and talents to record the day in a way that will give them peace of mind to focus on their celebration. We will both be with you throughout the entire process – meeting, communicating, photographing, processing, refining, assembling and delivering your images and albums. We combine our style, with your preferences, that results in visual memories that last forever.